Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Fave Season

I love the fall.  Everything is changing, getting ready for the winter, finishing up with summer.  Still haven't made the full transition to my cold weather uniform of sweats; not until someone pries my beloved shorts off my cold, frozen legs will I give them up for the season.  But this morning I did have to put on my thermal lined flannel jacket to go out and feed, as we had our first frost of the season today.  Yesterday afternoon was spent getting all the tender pots moved into the greenhouse for the season, which pretty much filled it to near bursting.  But it's also much better organized this time, compared to the first season.  The sweetpea seeds are all planted, and the broccoli and cauliflower starts are out ready to go in the ground.  Most of my bulbs have arrived, and as soon as the rest get here, all of them will go in.  Pony the Wonderhorse looks like a yak again, but the cows haven't yet started to put on their winter coats, except for Millie, who seems to be shaggy year-round.  The dogs spend their evenings snoozing around the pellet stove, and it's time to break out the towel warmer again.  It's also almost time to move from the flannel sheets to the wondrously warm and soft fleece sheets that stay on all winter.  Dale and I light the burn barrel every few nights, in the dog run, and sit around it burning scraps from various projects and deadfall from the trees while watching the stars pop out (when it's clear) and downing some fine Oregon wine, dogs snoozing all around.  It's also time to crank up the firepit table on the deck and start the fall fondue parties going.  Those are best with good friends, good food, cool temps and a little rain to add to the ambiance. 
Fall in the Pacific Northwest is the best season of all
 It's actually 0725.  Someday I will remember to fix that glitch in when it makes the time change

 I never stop trying to show the stunning beauty that is Bellfountain, as seen from the ranch.  Cows graze contentedly, oblivious to the show around them

 On the way home from Crater Lake, a small park/boat launch on the North Umpqua River near Roseburg

 My little potted Japanese maple on the deck dresses for the occasion, in two different light settings

 I included this shot because of the two clusters of trees, centre and right of centre.  They are usually not very visible because they blend into the background of more trees, but when the mist and fog is behind them, they stand out

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