Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crater Lake National Park 2013

I guess the only good thing about the latest government gaffe is that the North Entrance was open again by the time we made our annual trip to Crater Lake National Park.  It was about as perfect as it gets - it was hard to tell sky from lake, the remains of the 6' of snow a week previous just added visual appeal, and with a near perfect 60 degrees on the thermometer and few visitors, it couldn't have been more perfect a visit.
At the end of the photo session is a series of shots of Sybil being, well, Sybil.  A bird caught her attention, and you can see how that came out with trying for a nice portrait of the goofy girl.
Definitely don't forget to click the first pix to start the slideshow!
 Sybil, Cricket and Dale

 Yes, that really IS snow, in spite of the 60 degree temperature

 Just a pretty shot of the Jellybean with sky, trees and snow

 Wizard Island in the background

 Hey!! A bird!!

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  1. I've been awaiting the Crater Lake update! What a great day, just beautiful. I love how the crater rim appears to be floating in the blue.