Saturday, October 12, 2013

Colour Our World

The weather has been so beautifully cool and sometimes a bit misty and rainy here, that I am having trouble keeping up with the changing of the colours.  And, pictures, as usual, simply do not do justice to the beauty that surrounds us up here in Coast Range foothills.  Seeing in person is the only way to appreciate it
 Looking east, towards Bellfountain.  The tapestry of colours just can't be properly reproduced here

 The abused 'Brandywine' crabapple is getting back to its old self finally, and for the first time since the big oak fall took it down to nearly a stub, it's showing its true autumn colours again
 Looking NW from the south pasture
 The splendidly colourful Miss Sybil, riding shotgun in the puttputt.  She too has put on her fall finery, finally shedding out the brash orange fur for her true, deep, rich coppery red
 Looking NE towards Nusbaum's Pond.  The changing light conditions between these two shots was less than a minute

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