Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bovine Standoffs

When the sun comes out this time of year, the kids get frisky
 Hilda and Roar's son Spud faces down the Lamb Brigade

 This is a nice pair of shots of a good cow dog teaching a young calf some respect without touching her.  Cricket schools Vicky and Roar's daughter Autumn.  Autumn makes the first move towards Cricket, who allows just so much from cheeky youngsters.  I don't know what kind of drunk took the second shot, but it was unpublishable.  What you would have seen would be Autumn being strong-eyed by Cricket and turning her head in respect of that little dog's power.  And below, Cricket rewards Autumn by taking the pressure off as well.  Autumn then went back to the safety of big momma Vicky.  Cricket never had to take a single step, bark or bite, but she let Autumn know that all of that awaited the calf that dared to challenge her

Vicky Cristina, daughter Autumn, and Zamora, sire of Vicky's 2014 calf (I hope)

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