Friday, September 13, 2013

Ivory and Ebony

Otherwise known as 'A Watched Cow NEVER Calves'.  Vicky C (big, preggo silver cow) and little Prince Aston hang out this afternoon while Dale and I worked on the final part of the barn drainage project.  That's Alfie's little dun head under Vicky's watchful head, and probably Asteroid's big fat black butt behind her.
She's awful close now, meaning there will be no sleep tonite - again


  1. go out where she can see you, and start putting the plastic glove on...

  2. Yeah, she's not a fan of e plastic glove, that's for sure. 5 students and 3 vets up her wazoo last Friday.

    I could also go out there and yell 'Shelly watch her ears!!' That should do it. Although lately she's been going in right nicely. Helps to put her in during the daylight hours.

    Been 1 hr. back out I go. She started yelling for her homies a little while ago after the last bed check.