Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hilda's Little Boy Arrives

WARNING!!  Lots of ultra cute pictures ahead!!

Hilda and Alydar are SOLD

Yesterday afternoon, I had a look at Hilda and Vicky, the last two cows to calve, out in the far south pasture.  I thought that Hilda the heifer's teats looked pretty full, but according to the calendar, she was about a week away, and with heifers, you just never really can tell what they're going to do the first time.  I toyed with the idea of moving her and Vicky at least into the north pasture, closer to the house and barn, but it was getting late and we'd been after it all day, so I figured I'd do that in the next few days.

Early this morning, I glassed the girls in the south pasture from the deck.  I could see Vicky; she looked very alert and was swatting her tail, but it was already warm and I figured it was flies she was swatting.  But I couldn't see what she was looking at, even with the big glasses.  So, I grabbed the camera, just in case, and headed out on a nice, long walk to where she was.  When I got to the gate at the top of the hill, I still couldn't see down over the hill towards the bottom of the south pasture, but that was where Vicky was still looking and I knew at that point that SOMEONE had had a calf or was about to.  I crested the hill in time to see Hilda stagger to her feet, turn around and start licking a bundle of something on the ground.  By the time I got down there, the little bugger was already trying to get up even as Hilda was finishing off the sack.  I could see small, and black, but until I got close enough to see a dangle down behind, wasn't sure if it was a heifer or a bull.  I confirmed bull calf and rang Dale to have him bring out the puttputt so we could weigh little Alydar.  By the time Dale got there, only about 10 minutes later, he had already sucked on Hilda's legs, tail and nose and had had a teat in his mouth a few times only to get knocked down by Hilda's tongue.  Dale snagged the little guy, we weighed him (a very nice 72#), I iodined his navel with a mildly concerned Hilda hanging over my shoulder (all the cows adopt this pose when I do navels, must be genetic), we let him go and straight to the bag he went.  He finally got Hilda to quit licking him long enough to pop up with a milk mouth, and by then I had to run down to let Skip with his first truckload of rock for the feederbunks in.  Errands and such afterwards and I didn't get back out to check on them until early afternoon.  By then, Hilda had decided it was time to move up to water and shade, and that's when daddy Roar got to meet his newest son, as did half bro Zamora and the rest of the gang.  Grandma Ruffie with her Roar daughter Auroara were in that pasture as well, and now Auri has a new playmate, since we weaned all her other playmates on Saturday.


Moments after birth

Later in the afternoon, dried and full

 Daddy Roar meets his son
 I just KNOW what Hilda is saying 'bet you're gonna be a deadbeat dad, aren't you?'  Yes, sad to say, he will be
 Newborn calves strike the funniest poses!

 With big half bro Zamora (by Roar out of LeeLu)
 Hard to see here, but Zam is cleaning Alydar

Dar goes for the faucet, only it's not exactly the right one.  Zam didn't bat an eye, just gently stepped away

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