Saturday, September 14, 2013

Finally, Vicky's Little Girl Arrives

It's been quite a ride with Vicky C.  Last year, we pulled a dead bull calf from her, her first calf.  This year, I was so nervous I had OSU out TWICE to make sure all was going okay this time.  Other than the fact that she was FAT.  On GRASS.  Dry grass, at that.
Yesterday we did our nightly ritual of putting her in the feederbunks, just in case.  No sense in chasing her all over the maternity pasture again; I think that probably contributed more to the loss of her first calf than anything else.  I had noticed signs of impending calving late yesterday afternoon, so last night I was out there every hour or so, checking on her.  EVERY DAMN HOUR.  All I got was a lot of mucous and a very nervous cow doing laps around the bunks, eyeing the gates like she might try it.  Every time I went to open my gate to go in, she was right there, wanting OUT and RIGHT NOW.
Finally, around 0700, I said to heck with it, I'm gonna go get a shower and more coffee.  Did that, and 30 minutes later walking out I saw her down and pushing.  Started the clock, and at 0801 I heard the sploosh.  I peeked around the corner and saw a sac full of calf lying on the ground, and Vicky too.  I walked out and told Vicky to get her butt up and get working on her new baby, and she did.  Did an excellent job too, after all that nerve-wracking waiting and worrying.  Baby girl was up and at 'em within minutes, altho it was hard for her to keep her footing with all the goo and mom's constant licking.
Now, we just need a name.  I had jotted some potentials, both male and female.  It's an 'A' year, which is way better than last year ('Z').
Adelaide (after all, the MG came from Australia originally)
Athene (she's a big, strong girl)
Autumn (it's kinda grey and rainy, just like autumn in the PNW)

Just love that face!!


Vicky and her new daughter are SOLD

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