Sunday, September 15, 2013

Auroara at 2.5 Months

Auroara fell victim to the 7th child syndrome.  You know that one - you take tons of pix and videos of the first 3 kids, then not so many of the next 2, fewer still of the next 1, then by the time you get to numbers 7, 8 and 9, well, the magic has just gone out of taking pictures of rowdy, uncooperative youngsters, especially the black ones that just don't show up on 'film' well.

Today, a potential buyer asked for more shots, preferably recent, of the mini tanker.  She's usually right there with 2 week old Spud (Alydar), whom she has decided needs her guidance and experience to navigate all those udders walking around, only one of which would allow nursing without kicking.  Altho at one point, I saw Miss Bold, Black and Bodacious nursing off of LeeLu, who was busy chowing down on an apple.  LeeLu is NOT Auroara's momma, Ruffie is.  But Ruffie, being the dignified elder stateswoman of the pasture, probably didn't mind that her daring daughter was sneaking snacks elsewhere.

Auroara is going to be quite the beef producer.  She is the spitting image of her momma, Ruffian, being long and thick already, with a gorgeous topline and pretty head as well as plenty of girth.  She's bright and curious and not much afraid of anything.  She will be quite the asset to her new herd, that's for sure.

Auroara is SOLD

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