Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time to Pick Your Calf!

Long time no blog!  Don't you know it's the 'RE' season here in the Pacific Northwest?  As in REpair, REpaint, REplant, REplace, REbuild.  And that is exactly what we've been doing, broken up by an extended trip to Wisconsin to take care of family matters.  But, it's almost time to wean, so it's time to pick your calf.  The calf crop this year is exceptional, and I'm not the only one saying that.  Not a stinker or butcher calf in the bunch, not this time.  Their quality is best appreciated in person, as my picture taking ability coupled with fairly uncooperative subjects, or rather, untrained subjects lounging in the shade on an already warming up morning, is marginal at best.
A non-refundable $300 deposit holds your calf.  The heifers will be getting their Bang's here shortly, and we will be weaning all but Auroara in mid-September, for first week of October pick up
Asteroid, yearling Zenda, Annika and Alf.  All but Alf are SOLD

Annika and Asteroid, 5 months.  Asteroid is very hard to shoot, being black, but if you're looking for a major bull for beef production, he is your guy!
Both Anni and Astro are SOLD

Asteroid - SOLD.  By Roar, out of Cabin Fever Miss Millie, a proven producer of outstanding bull calves.  DOB 26 Feb, BW 75#.  Millie goes back to Gilmandyke Park Frame Up and Black Butte Galaxy in her close up pedigree.  He weaning on 30 August at a whopping 680#

Annika.  Loooooong, deep and feminine, she is an outstanding heifer calf, and with her pedigree, will elevate your herd to undreamed of heights - SOLD.  By Roar, out of 09 Vanlda 274V (Misty), a McKinley granddaughter with The Glen Manuel and Willalooka Power in the close up pedigree.  Annika's DOB is 8 March and BW 72#.  Awesome!!!  Her momma Misty is for sale, DOB 11 Mar 09, BW 69 - SOLDMisty is bred to Roar for an early 2014 calf.  Anni weaned on 30 August at 535#


Amy.  Again, black calf, hard to shoot, so the pix just do not do her justice at all.  Amy is a special girl - first off, she LOVES the camera, loves to pose.  Also, she is Joy's first calf, sired by Tali (Morgan Rivers Talisman, a JB Prized X JB Ruffian son).  Joy is a Warrook Zenda daughter, one of the last by this AI sire.  Joy's dam is HD Vanya 236V (LeeLu), an awesome daughter by The Glen Manuel out of a Willalooka Power daughter.  Joy is a half sister to Morgan Rivers Zamora, a yearling bull calf that is the highest gaining calf we've ever had.  He's currently on lease, touring Southern Oregon ranches, and is for sale.  Amy's DOB is 15 March and her BW is 72#.  Amy is like Annika, very loooong, elegant and very feminine - SOLD.  Amy weaned on 30 August at 510#

Joy with daughter Amy

Tiny Auroara can always be found wherever big sis Amy is

Speaking of Auroara - the only halfway decent shot I got of her this morning.  A month old and just as cute as a bug.  With her 8 year old momma, JB Ruffian (Ruffie), dam of Tali (Morgan Rivers Talisman).  Auroara's DOB is 29 June and her BW is 74#.  Ruffie is known for her tanker calves that gain like mad, and her gentle, easy going disposition.  Ruffie is our pocket cow and her calves follow suit.  By Roar, with Twin Fir Black Powder and Gentle Acres Trojan in her close up pedigree on the maternal side - $700

Alf's butt.  The shot was picture perfect until he moved.  I will try to get a good side shot of him to show his wonderful length and thickness.  Alf is yet another awesome bull calf sired by Roar, out of HD Vanya 236V (LeeLu), dam of Joy and Zamora (by Roar). Alf's DOB is 25 February and is BW is 83#.   He shows a bit more elegance than half bro Asteroid and is longer and with his pedigree, I expect great things from this calm, easygoing youngster - $3000.  Alfie weaned on 30 August at a very nice, robust 660#

Astrid (with Annika's white butt).  She's a bit camera shy, this one, but absolutely gorgeous.  Like her pasture pals Annika and Auroara, great length and depth and very pronounced femininity.  Astrid is by Tali out of our Roar X JB Romance Rose daughter, Dawn, with Lindale Power-Out and ER Smokin' Gun in her close up maternal pedigree.  Astrid's DOB is 29 March and her BW is 74# - SOLD.  Astrid weaned on 30 August at 460#.  Her mother Dawn is SOLD.  Dawn's DOB is 4 April 2010 and her BW is 74#.  Dawn is bred to Morgan Rivers Zamora for an early 2014 calf


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