Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Orchid Tree Flourishes

It never fails.  Jan and I hit the Peoria Gardens end of the season super duper sale and then the little nursery on the way home.  Which is about the only time we ever hit that nursery, it's so out of the way.  And I always say the same thing - 'no, got plenty to plant from Peoria, I'll just hang out and watch Jan buy the place out'.  And then, I end up with more stuff than she does from that little nursery.  This trip, Jan nabbed the last hanging basket of a gorgeous red and white snapdragon that Dale saw in the pix of the back of Really Big Red that I sent him.  He immediately texted back to say he really loved that hanging basket.  So we went back in search of another but came up empty.  So I saw a hanging basket of deep magenta and ice white petunias at the little nursery on the way home, and decided to go ahead and get that to make up for the snapdragon basket.  Then I thought, why not get two, hang one on each end of the garage shop?  Then there was the lovely blue and white double sage I got last year and never got planted.  Got a coupla sixers of those and made myself a promise to absolutely get them planted this time.  And you'll see the salpiglossis down a few posts - Jan gets those every year and this year I gave in to temptation and got several sixers.  There was the three showstopping dahlias I just couldn't let languish in the back greenhouse when I had the perfect spot for them.  And then there was this stunning beauty.  Simply labeled 'Korean Orchid Tree', there were several specimens in small pots, and then we came across what was probably the donor plant - a magnificent shrub/treelet in the shade greenhouse.  Yeah, I had the perfect spot for that, I already knew where.  So I grabbed one of the smaller pots.  I nearly killed it in the greenhouse when it fell over and out of the water tray, and when I planted it, I wasn't sure it would come back from the near dead, but not only did it, but it burst into bloom to show how happy it was.
Now, if someone can just tell me what it REALLY is, I'd be grateful.  Sure is pretty and loves it in the deep shade and cool, damp soil of the wine barrel.  Wish the flowers were scented - anything that lovely should have a fragrance to match.
And, you might notice some water on those blooms.  Yes, it rained today - actual rain!!  Not quite .10", but enough that Dale got back on the tractor and started harrowing the north pasture

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