Saturday, August 24, 2013


It was pretty funny.  Jim left the trailer in the pasture while Bonnie wandered around taking pictures.  Roar was convinced there were women in that trailer for him, somewhere in that trailer, there HAD to be.  Whenever that trailer shows up, it always has women for him.  This time, it only had his son Zamora in it, but you couldn't convince him there were no women in there being held against their will.  He walked around that big ol' gooseneck stock trailer, nose to the openings at the top, yelling.  I finally decided to just open the loading door and let he see there were no women in there.  The wind caught the door and flung it open, and every cow and calf that was standing around watching Roar turned tail and fled to the safety of the treeline.
Roar, however, was finally satisfied with sniffing the muck on the doors and floor, gave a snort of disgust, and wandered off a bit as Jim drove the trailer out of the pasture gate.
Don't forget to click on the pix, it's pretty funny.  That's Vicky C's big, preggo butt at the far right of the pix, waddling as fast as she can

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