Monday, August 5, 2013

Restoring the Deck

For 5 of the last 7 summers, we have done it.  Scraped, sanded and painted the deck.  With whatever the latest, greatest, guaranteed and most expensive paint for decks the floorperson at the local big box (Lowes, HD and Jerry's, which trumps them all) recommends to be the very best, the one that will absolutely work.  Only to see the paint bubble up with the first of the rains, then start blowing away with the first of the winds after the rains, ice over in the winter which necessitated using rugs and runners to prevent slipping and falling, and by summer, yeah, time to start all over again.  And, we were DONE with that.  Paint just wouldn't stick to that wood, no matter how good our prep work or how pricey the paint.  To add to the problems, whomever installed the deck didn't bother to paint the bottoms of the boards, which meant that they were starting to rot on the underside.  Dumbest move ever, but we finally decided that enough was enough.  There had to be SOMETHING out there that would work.  And one day, Dale found it online.  Rust-o-leum's Restore.  More of a coating than a true paint, it is applied with a special roller that gives it a good texture, and it's so thick that the colour we chose, Adobe, looked exactly like yummy chocolate cake batter.  Not kidding, it had the same colour and thickness as cake batter, which meant I was drooling a lot while putting it down. 
First thing was prep, again.  This time we hoped would be different.  Dale replaced three of the worst boards and we commenced to scrape and powerwash and scrape again, and again, and again.  In between, Dale used the blower on it to whoosh away the paint scrapings.  The powerwashing took off a lot of the old paint and caused the rest to bubble up, which made it easy to scrape.  For a week straight, we prepped the deck.  And then we applied the coating.  One thing about this stuff - do NOT go with this if you are in a hurry, because you won't like the results.  There are several good videos on YouTube you can watch including the official one from Rust-o-Leum.  It goes on very thick and only in one direction.  Dale and I were of two minds, applying the coating.  He was calling me 'Picasso' for my slow, steady and meticulous application.  He was more like Jimmie Johnson at Talladega, rolling it on like a man on a mission.  He could do 5 boards to my 1.  The difference was, we pretty much had to put a 3rd coat on most of his boards due to light spots, and a 3rd coat on some of mine for overly thick blobby areas.  In the end, it sure looks a ton better than it ever did, and now we wait to see how it holds up to the weather, dogs and people traffic

Prepping.  Two of the three boards replaced

The final powerwash before painting.  It was plenty hot to powerwash one day and paint the next

First coat down.  You can see Dale applying with the roller

One of the benches before.....

.....And after

Gives you an idea of how thick it is

Close up of the texture left by the roller

And, we're mostly done.  Had about half a 5 gallon bucket left over - used 3.5 of the 5 gallon buckets on this section - so we decided to do some more of the worst of the deck

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