Thursday, August 15, 2013

Liza in the Raw

Liza, our freemartin heifer, in ribeye form.  Yes, there is a hole there where I took out an island of fat because I don't like that island of fat there.  But this is 100% grass fed and finished, 28 month old heifer.  Some of you may remember Liza as the tiny, 38# twin out of Misty, born in the middle of a snowstorm.  Somewhere I have a pix of her in front of the pellet stove shortly after she was born.  She was a pest who always had to be a part of what was going on, especially if there was a camera involved.  Unfortunately, being born twin to a bull calf (we lost him hours after birth), and testing positive as a freemartin (meaning she was sterile), her fate was sealed.  And like all of our freezer-bound cattle, she was spoiled beyond words.  She lived well, happy as can be, never EVER abused or hit or shocked with a cattle prod.  We don't even OWN a cattle prod.  If you know how to work with your cattle, you should never need one, especially with Murray Greys.
Meat is a fact of life for a huge portion of the world's population.  It supplies a lot of good nutrition and yes, like a lot of other food, some stuff that us humans don't need a whole lot of to survive.  Yes, there are some places where steers destined for the meat case in your local market don't have it as good as Liza did.  And there are a whole lot of folks who don't have access to fresh, humanely raised, healthy beef and who must get their meat from a large grocery store.  I'm not disputing things go on that shouldn't.  However.  I respect someone's right to not eat meat and don't make it an issue or put them down for choosing that path.  In return, I'd sure like the same respect from those who would rather not eat meat.  So please don't tell me that my way of life is wrong, simply because you don't agree with it.  It's gettin' awful intolerant out in the world these days.  You'd be surprised how nice most ranchers are, and how well they care for their animals, whether it's the momma cows or the steers headed to a meat case near you.  Just like certain breeds of dogs, with ranchers and feedlots you only get the worst of the worst from the media, because let's face it - that's what the public that supports the media wants.  It's a shame, that, but it's how we are as humans.  You gotta look at that car wreck when you drive by it.
Those who have tasted our grass fed and finished Murray Grey have nothing but rave reviews for it, and Liza is perhaps the best we've ever raised, tender and tasty to the max.
Three cheers for Liza Jane!!


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    1. Heheheeee, I know you remember your first taste of Liza quite well. Weren't you trying to figure out if you could haul a cow back to San Diego in the back of the truck? And whether or not the neighbours would notice?