Thursday, August 22, 2013

In The Trenches

The big feederbunk drainage project is well under way.  Saturday, Dale went and got the Goliath of trenchers from the equipment rental place in Corvallis, where THIS time they gave us no grief about the size of the truck pulling it.  Last time, we had Big Red, the '04 F150 FX4, and they wouldn't let us pull it with him.  This time, not a peep.
Dale got after it and in less than an hour, he was loading the beast back onto its trailer and hauling it back, while I started clearing out the infall.  Later, we took out a large section of the centre fenceline to make it far easier to maneuver the tractor in and out to remove dirt and add the rock base to the bottom of the trenches.  We used our big Priefert cattle panels to replace the section of fence, which will make it so much easier next spring to clean out the bunks.  Dale's been wanting to do that for a long time now, this was as good a time as any.
Next up will be filling with the rock, then laying the drainage pipe, another layer of rock, the geotex cloth and one more layer of rock.  Good thing our local 'quarry' still has plenty of rock to be had.  Something to be said for having a quarry less than a mile from the ranch.  Next time I hope that Don brings in too much hemlock mulch for the new place.  We can take his excess of that as well

I was just struck by the primary colours of the big stuff out there

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