Saturday, August 31, 2013

Finally, Asteroid!!

I had a lot of requests for pix of Asteroid, and darn that boy, he's just so hard to get a good shot of!  But finally, this morning, the sun was on our side and he was in a posing mood, so I snapped off a gaggle of shots of the beefy boy.  I also included one lone shot of his little pal Aston at the very end.  Congratulations to Justin of Vancouver, Washington, on his acquisition of both Asteroid and Aston!

Enjoy!  Don't forget to click on the first pix to start the slideshow

Asteroid led the crop at weaning on 30 August at a monster 680#!!

Aston, a young guy who enjoys hangin' with his big pal Asteroid and his 'girlfriend Astrid

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  1. Oh man, I get woozy just thinking about what it must be like to wean a baby that weighs in at 680#!