Friday, August 30, 2013

Cows For Sale

A partial list of our sales pen.  Pix taken today, 30 August.  Click on the first pix for the slide show and full sized pix

09 Vanlda 274V aka Misty.  DOB 11 March 2009, BW 69#, ADJ205d 617#, 205index 97.  Sire:  09 McKinley 240T (HA McKinley X 09 Thomson's Miss 171K).  Dam:  09 Miss L24 (SCRX Power 165J X 09 Thomson's Miss TF11).  Misty is a sweet, sweet girl who produces really, REALLY nice, gentle and well put together calves.  She has never needed assistance calving.  Had twins first time around by herself.  Her son by Roar is a herdsire, and her current calf, Annika, is an incredibly nice heifer.  The only reason Misty is for sale is because she just isn't quite making the grade in my breeding programme for what I'm working towards.  She has her Bangs and if the buyer desires any shots beyond that, I will be most happy to have OSU come out and give what the buyer wants.  The buyer is responsible for the cost, and it's not much, usually less than $40 including the farm call.  Misty is priced very reasonably at $1100 and is due in early 2014, bred back to Roar.  Misty is SOLD

Morgan Rivers Xotic Romance, aka Dawn.  DOB 4 April 2010, BW 74 WW 490 12 Sept.  Sire:  JB Roar (Willalooka Pharaoh P47 X JB Monique Marie).  Dam:  JB Romance Rose (ER Smokin' Gun X 09 Opal 172K).  Dawn is a sweet, gentle cow and a great mom, raising a really nice heifer calf this year (Astrid, SOLD).  An accident while pulling her almost 3 week overdue first heifer calf resulted in the death of that calf, and we successfully grafted a dairy calf onto her.  Astrid came easy and Dawn proved to be a loving and attentive mother.  She does have a poor topline, which is the only reason she is for sale.  OSU has checked her out and said that nothing appears to be wrong, it's just the way she's built.  Does not affect her ability to calve, breed or motivate around the pastures, and she's usually one of the two lead cows running for the feeder when she hears the puttputt.  She is bred to Morgan Rivers Zamora for an early 2014 calf.  Dawn is priced at $1000.  Dawn is SOLD

Morgan Rivers Amulet, aka Amy.  DOB 15 March, BW 72#.  Will be weaned and weighed mid September.  Sire:  Morgan Rivers Talisman (JB Prized X JB Ruffian).  Dam:  Morgan Rivers Yankee Lady (Warrook Zenda (AI) X HD Vanya).  Amy is a long, elegant heifer calf, Joy's firstborn.  She will make a nice replacement heifer or a great 4H project.  Amy is SOLD

Morgan Rivers Aston, aka Aston.  DOB 30 March, BW 68#.  Will be weaned and weighed mid September.  Sire:  Morgan Rivers Talisman (JB Prized X JB Ruffian).  Dam: Morgan Rivers Xpensive (JB Roar X JB Moonstruck).    Aston is a well put together, chunky little bull calf that will be a great 4H project or a nice herd sire for someone looking to bring tenderness to the table.  Aston is SOLD

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