Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Auroara Up Close and Personal

Finally some shots of Auroara, our mini tanker!  And yes, she IS actually black, will shed out eventually to that from the reddish colour she is now.  DOB 29 June BW 74#.  Sire - JB Roar, by Willalooka Pharaoh P47 out of JB Monique Marie, a Willalooka Power granddaughter by Twin Fir Black Powder.  Dam - JB Ruffian (Ruffie), by ER Smokin' Gun out of JB Miss Maefield, a Twin Fir Black Powder daughter and Willalooka Power granddaughter.  Auri is just too cute for words, big sis Amy's little black shadow and always bouncing around the pastures, little tail in the air, taking on the big blue herons and other critters that dare invade her territory with comical intensity.  She's going to be the spitting image of her momma Ruffie, long, thick and all beef. Ruffie is a total pocket cow; the entire time I was on my knees taking these shots (except the last few), Ruffie was standing right next to me, occasionally licking my ear, like a really good stage mother - "Now, get her GOOD side, make sure the camera setting shows off her features well, don't you think some shots from this side would be better?"


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