Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Annika Up Close and Personal

The only thing I can say about Anni is WOW.  Again, pictures give an idea, but in real life, well, she's just 'WOW'.  The pix from the previous blog post are actually better I think, even in the shade.  DOB 8 March, BW 72#.  Sire - JB Roar, by Willalooka Pharaoh P47 out of JB Monique Marie, a Willalooka Power granddaughter by Twin Fir Black Powder.  Dam - 09 Vanlda 274V (Misty), by HA McKinley, a The Glen Manuel son.  Willalooka Power is Misty's great grandsire on her maternal side.  Anni is a stunningly gorgeous heifer that will add class, elegance and meat to your herd.


Anni was weaned on 30 August at 535#

Her dam Misty is for sale, $1100.  Misty is bred back to Roar for an early 2014 calf.  Misty was lazing around in the shade so I will get some pix up later when she decides to get up and stand.  She is a very gentle, friendly cow and a very easy calver, who had twins her first calving.  DOB 11 March 2009 BW 69#, ADJ 205d 617#

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