Friday, June 7, 2013

The First Cut is the Greenest

WARNING:  Artsy pictures ahead

And so it has begun.  Yesterday, Ed arrived at midday with the beastly machine to begin the task of putting up this year's hay crop.  He is the supreme multitasker; he was cutting our pasture while son Jesse was raking another one up in Hell's Canyon so that Ed could go from ours to that one to start baling.  Then back to the shop to replace the seal on one of the balewagon's wheels so today he could go pick up the bales in Hell's Canyon at the three pastures he was doing there.  Didn't make it back here this afternoon to finish cutting, but he'll be along tomorrow to finish cutting and start raking.  Won't take long; our normal average this time of year is 71 degrees, and we've been 10 degrees above that all week - picture perfect haying weather.  If nothing major breaks, I would expect we'd be done by Monday.  However, with me riding herd on the cantankerous baler theres no guarantee that nothing major will break.  The baleful baler and I have an understanding - it behaves and I won't take a 42" crescent to it and start whaling away at vital parts.  I fully expect to better my record last year of 2 shear pin replacements within the first 100 yards

The first artsy picture.  It was just kind of a cool shot, with all the lines on the ground and in the sky

The first cut is the greenest....sorry, I couldn't help myself
Ed makes the corner to complete the first circuit, the hardest one next to the fence

Grass-eye's view.  Pretty thick

Just kind of a nice view from above

This morning, with Ed's progress duly noted and the beastly machine still sleeping.  There truly is no finer fragrance than that of fresh cut hay on a cool, late spring morning
One byproduct of hay cutting is that small creatures are displaced and sometimes dismembered, including one very large gopher snake, sadly enough.  Cricket had a line on something moving about under the hay but she didn't find it

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