Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reunion Time!

Last weekend we had our annual reunion for all of the Morgan River clan.  It's always hard for folks to make it, as our dogs range from local to the ranch here in Oregon, all the way to Germany and all over the USA.  But we can usually count on all the local pups to make it and they did.  A great time was had by everyone, especially the dogs.  We did instinct testing, ate ourselves silly, and talked up a storm.  In the week since, two more pups from Hoke and Cricket earned their CGC (AKC Canine Good Citizen) awards, Stella and Sawyer from the 2012 litter!  I think we set a new record for CGC's earned by litter mates, with Riley (2010) and Rowyn, Stella and Sawyer from the 2012 litter now officially CGC's.  Way to go everyone!
Anna (Riley and Stella) posted most of the pix from the reunion on the dogblog, for everyone to enjoy.  I will be moving almost all the dogs posts from here to there from now on, so bookmark that one if you are more into the dogs than the ranch and garden stuff.
Top row - Stella (2012), Sawyer (12), Sybil (10), Donna Oakes with her red bi Jan (10), Tazz (10) and Rowyn (12) wondering why no one else is looking at the sheep RIGHT THERE.  Lying down in front, proud poppa Hoke and momma Cricket

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