Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Plethora of Pretty Pictures

The original title was going to be 'Just Another Buncha Pretty Pictures', but my pal Shelly from SoCal already had a similar title on HER blog, so I changed it up a bit.  Just some meandering about the homestead with camera in hand to document why my buddy Jan and I absolutely need to have another nursery tour day.  Just don't have nearly enough flowers to enjoy

The Perfume Corner, consisting of 'Complicata' and 'Celsiana', two ancient old roses, that saturate the air with true rose perfume and stop every visitor in their tracks.  'Complicata' is an ancient gallica rose and 'Celsiana' is a damask rose that dates to before 1750

'Celsiana'.  It smells every bit as good as it looks and then some
This shot of 'The Impressionist' just looked painted or something

'The Impressionist'

A bee girl comes in for a landing
Just needs more, I think

This was just, to me anyway, a cool colour combo of the pink rock rose and the blue bachelor buttons
This ended up being an amazing shot of a butterfly that I caught taking off - love the shadow

A tub full of colour

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