Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Mouse in the House

Many, actually.  And I HATE them in the bedroom, at night, when I'm trying to sleep.  Most of you know the sound - scritch scritch scritch gnaw gnaw.  It's enough to make you pick up a shotgun and start shooting holes in the walls.  Or, you could just borrow Hoke.  This is Dale's closet (we have two walk ins in the master), where we had a problem several times.  Thus, Dale had cut a hole where we could drop in a hunk of mouse poison so that at least they'd die quickly instead of lingering for days, scritching and gnawing all night long in a desperate attempt to escape.  We had duct taped the hole closed but hadn't repaired it yet.  It was just a small round hole until a few days ago.  Hoke must have heard the mouse doing his/her thing and decided to take matters in his own jaws.  He substansially enlarged the hole, as you can clearly see, but the mouse escaped.  Cricket found it - she walked over to Hoke's bed next to Dale's side of the bed and stood there, listening intently, cocking her head from side to side.  I reached over her and lifted the bed and the chase was on.  She finally cornered the mouse in my closet, grabbed it and headed for the door.  I yelled 'good girl, Cricket!!', she turned around to look at me, wiggled like mad - and dropped the damn thing.  Off it went where Hoke again cornered it, this time in the den behind the couch.  He finally got it to make another run for it, and it escaped once again into the kitchen and finally the pantry, where it probably expired of both poison and being partly chewed on, along with a large dose of fright.

The kinda not funny side of this was that I initially couldn't find the block of poison that was in the hole.  Since Hoke was the only dog in the house when he chewed open the hole, I just knew he'd eaten it.  So, first I tried the old salt down the back of the throat trick to try and get him to vomit.  When that didn't work, it was the 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (mixed 1:1 with plain water) straight out of the UC Davis vet book of first aid for dogs down the throat.  That worked just dandy, but no poison block showed up.  So back to the hole I went and finally did find it, intact, in the hole.  Lucky boy, that Hoke

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  1. Dusty, I am laughing so hard at that photo at the end there. They story is just as funny. I can only imagine your pleasure in Cricket grabbing the mouse... then, being so overcome with joy, dropping the damn thing.