Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's...Spring? Summer? Winter?

It's been....interesting.  Now officially the driest ever since recording began in the late 1800's, we are watching the lawns and pastures dry up fast.  No longer are people whispering the 'D' word - drought is now out in the open hereabouts.  And the heat hit hard the past two days.  The past few weeks have been rather stressful here, what with one thing after another going on, so today, forecast to be the hottest of the year, hands down, we decided to do what we always do to beat the heat - head for the coast.  Dale found a list of restaraunts we haven't tried around Newport, so we picked one and headed out.  The key here is that if it hits 70 by noon, you know it's gonna be hot.  It hit 70 by 9 this morning.  Never a good sign.  But, Newport had been in the 80's yesterday (and set a new record by a mile), and was forecast to be in the 60's today.  When we pulled up to park in Nye Beach, the car thermometer read an impossible 87 degrees! And it was warm indeed, even right on the water.  We were surprised to see that it actually ended up being a lot cooler back at the ranch - we hit a high of 82 at around 5 pm - than it was at the beach!  That so rarely happens, but it did today.

Things we never get to start doing before June - cleaning out the feederbunks (back in early April!!), harrowing the pastures, mowing the lawns - we not only have done but are almost done with.  Unheard of in early May to be getting the lawnmower ready to go back into storage until the late fall, or to be able to harrow the pastures and the area around the gates and south pasture feederbunks, let alone be thinking of getting the yearly rock allotment not only delivered but by the truckload AND poured out in the feederbunks.  The hay pasture is scaring me - still not enough growth, and while we usually cut and bale around July 4th, Ed was talking about end of May this year, IF it doesn't dry up before then.

But, everything is blooming, the calves are growing like crazy, the two boys have their own harems back for the breeding season, the skies have been the most incredible shades of blue and I'm betting the corn will be early this year, always a good thing.  There is always something to be excited about, even when things aren't looking so good in so many other ways

Just another lovely early morning pasture shot

So we went from this...... this.  Scary, that

You know that the rainy season has officially ended when Really Big Red gets his annual bath


  1. That morning shot is beautiful! But wow, the weather is crazy. That annual rainfall amount, that's puny even by SoCal standards.

  2. Yeah, sucks that. This time last year, we were sitting pretty at 26". And 82 degrees? In MAY???