Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sheep Box

Dale's an engineer.  Have I mentioned that lately?  He builds stuff right the first time, and builds it to last.  And I do mean that.  We were of two minds about going to collect two small ewe lambs from Mickey.  Me, I wanted to either use two wire dog crates or to put a cattle panel in the back of Really Big Red, strap it down, insert lambs and use a coupla snaps to join the two ends together to make a closed cage.  Lots of people do that, it's not pretty but it works in a pinch.

However, Dale took the more studied approach.  Rummaging around the scrap pile from the dogroom build, he came up with enough bits and pieces to build the mother of all sheep boxes.  Massive and sturdy, sheep are instantly in awe of it the moment they step inside, and offer no craziness to try and escape.  They know it would be futile.  The sheepbox requires Big Orange to take it in and out of Really Big Red's bed, especially when there are sheep in it.  It certainly got the job done last week in fine fashion.  Dale even engineered it so that to clean it out you simply leave it on the forks of the tractor, tilt it and hose it down.  All the muck goes out the space he left for just that purpose in the back of the box.

It is so well designed and built, he already has an order for one.  He might just have to quit his paying day job after all

Sybil helps to demonstrate the new sheep box

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