Sunday, April 21, 2013

The New Sheep Girls Arrive

After several attempts to get the two new Navajo-Churro ewe lambs home, Dale finally decided to build the sheep box for Really Big Red and make the scenic drive out to Scio, to Mickey's ranch and pick up Dovie and Kayla.  We put them in with this years lambs and let them get aquainted, and a week later, all is well.  Even the two old girls Flossie and Twyla have accepted them into the flock.  We look forward to Kayla's first shearing, and I am sure that Shelly is too!

Dovie (whitish large ewe in back) and Kayla (brown ewe looking at camera) make friends with Rango (black and white spotted ram lamb), Winston (white wether lamb) and Racie and Ginger (black ewe lambs in back)

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