Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Last of the Spring Calves

Sapphire is such a good girl.  She waited for a fine, warm and sunny spring afternoon to deliver a fine Tali son, Aston.  Since he is a Tali son, and Tali is known for his 'speedy' calves, we went with the name of a legendary sports car, the Aston-Martin.  James Bond afficianados will instantly recognize that name.  He was up and nursing within 5 minutes, with help from the peanut gallery as you can see below.  Don't forget to click the first pix to start the slideshow!

Down and pushing

One last, big push

And, success!
As soon as Sapphire gave out that long, high-pitched moo that momma cows do on the final push (at least most of mine do), the calvary started to charge over and see the new arrival

Jeez, a gal can't even get a little privacy!
And, he's up!  Half sister Hilda checks him out

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