Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's a Beautiful Morning

It's just not like this in the Pacific Northwest. Not this time of year.  Heck, Dale even cleaned out the feederbunks - in MARCH!  That never, EVER happens.  It's usually June before we can even think about doing that.  But things are drying up fast and we just broke a record dating back to the 1800's for the dryest January - March ever.  It's kind of scary; either we're going to stay dry or somehow we're going to make up almost a 20" shortfall in just two months

That 6.36" number should be closer to 25" at this point

A spectacular sunrise

It was a perfect morning to enjoy a cuppa in the swing

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  1. 70! I don't think it broke 70 at all when I visited last June.