Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cornucopia of Cattle Pix

I know folks have been going thru cute calf withdrawls, so I went out yesterday and took lots, of which a few met my standards, which as you can see aren't all that high.  Enjoy!

Sweet Annika, 7 weeks

Aston at a month



Darling Astrid, our little deer

Big Calf on Pasture Asteroid, 7 weeks

BCOP Asteroid



Asteroid sure knows how to relax!

A gang of calves with their babysitters

Alf with daddy Roar 'That's my boy!'

And some shots of Zamora, 2012 bull, enjoying a little snack.  He got women for the first time yesterday, and probably thinks he died and went to cow heaven.  Zam is a big guy, 1075#, 36cm scrotal and frame score 5.  He is for sale at $2800.  Gentle, loves attention, very easy to handle like almost all Murray Grey bulls, including daddy Roar, the 2200# puppy

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