Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cornucopia of Cattle Pix

I know folks have been going thru cute calf withdrawls, so I went out yesterday and took lots, of which a few met my standards, which as you can see aren't all that high.  Enjoy!

Sweet Annika, 7 weeks

Aston at a month



Darling Astrid, our little deer

Big Calf on Pasture Asteroid, 7 weeks

BCOP Asteroid



Asteroid sure knows how to relax!

A gang of calves with their babysitters

Alf with daddy Roar 'That's my boy!'

And some shots of Zamora, 2012 bull, enjoying a little snack.  He got women for the first time yesterday, and probably thinks he died and went to cow heaven.  Zam is a big guy, 1075#, 36cm scrotal and frame score 5.  He is for sale at $2800.  Gentle, loves attention, very easy to handle like almost all Murray Grey bulls, including daddy Roar, the 2200# puppy

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Postcards from the Ranch

Just some lovely shots for you to enjoy - completely unretouched other than cropping, what you see is what it is

Ancient 'Gravenstein' tree blossoms

Crazy Calves Having Fun

A cadre of crazy calves on a spring day

Alfie, Astrid, Aston and Annika

Yearling Bulls for Sale

Our 2012 bulls for sale.  Contact me for info

Zinger, Zamora and baby Zenda.  Zinger has been sold
Zamora's butt
Baby Zenda, short yearling and spitting image of his ol' man, Roar

Zinger and baby Zenda

Vicky Cristina at 3 Years

Our big curly cow Vicky.  Vicky is bred to Roar and due in September.  Vicky is for sale.  Contact me for info

Goofy Astrid

Funny little girl Astrid on a fine spring day.  Astrid was born the 29th of March, Tali X Dawn, and is for sale along with her momma

Hilda at 2 Years

Just some pretty shots of Hilda (Tali X Millie) who will be two years old next week.  She is due with her first calf in September, by Roar of course.  Hilda is for sale, contact me for info

The Sheep Box

Dale's an engineer.  Have I mentioned that lately?  He builds stuff right the first time, and builds it to last.  And I do mean that.  We were of two minds about going to collect two small ewe lambs from Mickey.  Me, I wanted to either use two wire dog crates or to put a cattle panel in the back of Really Big Red, strap it down, insert lambs and use a coupla snaps to join the two ends together to make a closed cage.  Lots of people do that, it's not pretty but it works in a pinch.

However, Dale took the more studied approach.  Rummaging around the scrap pile from the dogroom build, he came up with enough bits and pieces to build the mother of all sheep boxes.  Massive and sturdy, sheep are instantly in awe of it the moment they step inside, and offer no craziness to try and escape.  They know it would be futile.  The sheepbox requires Big Orange to take it in and out of Really Big Red's bed, especially when there are sheep in it.  It certainly got the job done last week in fine fashion.  Dale even engineered it so that to clean it out you simply leave it on the forks of the tractor, tilt it and hose it down.  All the muck goes out the space he left for just that purpose in the back of the box.

It is so well designed and built, he already has an order for one.  He might just have to quit his paying day job after all

Sybil helps to demonstrate the new sheep box

The New Sheep Girls Arrive

After several attempts to get the two new Navajo-Churro ewe lambs home, Dale finally decided to build the sheep box for Really Big Red and make the scenic drive out to Scio, to Mickey's ranch and pick up Dovie and Kayla.  We put them in with this years lambs and let them get aquainted, and a week later, all is well.  Even the two old girls Flossie and Twyla have accepted them into the flock.  We look forward to Kayla's first shearing, and I am sure that Shelly is too!

Dovie (whitish large ewe in back) and Kayla (brown ewe looking at camera) make friends with Rango (black and white spotted ram lamb), Winston (white wether lamb) and Racie and Ginger (black ewe lambs in back)

Ho Dog and his Flowers

He always did love to tear up my flowers and eat anything resembling a daisy.  So it was fitting that he got a whole bunch of nice flowers all for him

Many thanks to Mark (Hank, Hoke X Cricket I) and Don and Donna (Jan, Hoke X Cricket I) for the lovely flowers, and to my wonderful husband Dale for the awesome chicken basket of flowers.  Ho did like to work the chickens when he was bored

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Going on Hiatus

The blog will be going on about a 6 week hiatus starting tomorrow, so I thought I'd leave you with a few shots from this morning

Our sunrises can be SO boring sometimes, don't you think?

3 minutes later than the first shot

Cricket, the new puttputt copilot

Springtime Cows

Just a few random cow shots I took today while breaking in the new puttputt copilot

Zamora, 1 year

Amy, 5 days

Amy - 'why YES, I am going to eat this whole pile of whatever this stuff is!'

Astrid, 4 days, looking to see if what momma Dawn is having is any good