Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Next Big Project Gets Underway

Dale was getting antsy and Alex, the best GC on the planet, finally finished up the job he was working on, so it was time to start the Next Big Project.  That would be building the addition on to the back of the garage/shop for the dog room.  The dogs will now have a completely enclosed, insulated room of their own to hang out in when they are not in the house, which is almost all the time during the summer months.  The project of course required a major Jerry's (best hardware store on the planet) run the other day, and another one this afternoon for the final load.  Yesterday I took Really Big Red and the apparently permanently attached dump trailer over to Precision to see Joseph about a few yards of gravel for both the concrete footings as well as the mushy mess that marks the entrance to the maternity pasture.  Monday the job starts in earnest but Alex came by on Thursday to put together the materials list and get the big slab of concrete out of the way

The first load from Jerry's.  You can't see it, but the back of the truck as well as the back seat are pretty well full of stuff too

Sybil guards the old slab o' concrete, the future home of the materity pasture 100 gallon water tank.  The new dog room wil extend most of the length of the existing garage/shop

With Really Big Red out of the dairy barn garage tethered to the dump trailer and the Jellybean's spot in the garage/shop occupied by a trailer load of supplies, it was just a natural thing for Jellybean to move into the dairy barn garage.  Sure looks tiny in there compared to Really Big Red!

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