Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Greenhouse Goes to Work

I realized that I had never posted any pix of the new greenhouse on site, so here they are! for more info if you're local to the PNW (he's installed as far north as Seattle and east as Boise).  I'm already seeing a HUGE difference in plant survival and growth of the pots.  The fuschia's are in full bloom and the 'annual' petunias all have a ton of new growth and need to be pinched back already.  Did I mention these were LAST year's petunia pots?

We will be running the electrical out to the greenhouse in a few months and then I'll be able to move most of my heatmats for seed starting out here from the dairy barn garage, plus the big ventilation fan will be operational


  1. Wow! That is fancy pants. Sure is a shame the old greenhouse got wrecked. ;-)

  2. Just awful, losing that old one. I still cry about it.