Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Spring Somewhere

For us, March came in meekly but is leaving with that missing lion's roar, more or less.  Frosty mornings and random snowshowers mingled with rain, hail, wind and the odd thunderclap have been the order of the day for the past week.  The snow didn't stick at the ranch level, but at Green Peak just west, it kept getting frosted with flakes.

The good news is that we didn't fertilize and then get 5" of rain the next day as happened last year, meaning that the rain we did get just gently ushered the nutrients into the soil instead of washing them roughly into Frank and Sharon's grass seed fields to our east like last year.  And, with two cows left to calve this spring, it hasn't been as hard on either calves or humans as in years past.  No one calved in a snowstorm or torrential downpours in freezing temperatures.

The other good news is that the grass is growing.  So much so that we are going to string the electronet around the lawn by the maternity pasture and let the sheep have at it rather than try to mow it.  And the spring bulbs are popping all over, lending their colour and fragrance to the season.

While the southwest, Gulf coast and deep south are already dealing with summer, up here in the Pacific Northwest and all the way across the northern tier of states to the Northeast, we are still waiting for spring.  It'll come, it always does

Green Peak, frosted with fresh snow Friday morn

Wait - doesn't the date mean it's spring?

Happy hellebores


Ultra fragrant giant hyacinths

Utterly charming species tulips from Afghanistan, super fragrant and hardy as a rock

Striped squill

A pretty primrose popped up under the daffodils

And, the obligatory arty shots of a lone daffodil, in a vodka bottle, on the kitchen window on a blustery day that saw snow, rain, hail, wind and sunshine all within an hour's time

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