Friday, February 1, 2013

The PuttPutt is NOT a Taco Truck

So try explaining that to a bunch of perpetually hungry cows.  They hear/see puttputt with the trailer, they start drooling.  And it tends to make it hard to get the job you're doing done.  Here, I was picking up fallen limbs and such under the trees in the north pasture so that I could drag the harrow thru there and spread out all that yummy organic fertilizer (yummy if you are a plant or chicken, not so much if you're human).  Ruffie of course led the charge up to the trailer, but what she didn't know was that the Ol' Man was in the seat.  She did figure it out pretty quick.

I eventually got all the sticks picked up and the ground dragged nicely, mostly without their help.  Sometimes I wish I had cows that didn't think they were big pets and I could work out in the pasture in peace and solitude instead of fending off big ol' tongues and everyone wanting an ear scratch or rifling my pockets for treats.  You know, stuff that normal cows don't do

Hilda being ultra silly

Rummaging thru the trailer, seeing if maybe I hid a treat or three under all the sticks

Uh oh.....

LOVE the look Ho's giving LeeLu here!  Don't know how well it'll show up, but it's one of those eyeballs sideways looks

Aw, whaddya mean I can't get out and bite 'em?

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