Tuesday, February 26, 2013

That Was Fast

There is a reason why Millie's kids all have 'fast' names.  First there was Turbo, then Speedy, Zoomie and now Asteroid.  It's an "A" letter year and I couldn't really come up with a 'fast' name that started with an A, but there is a bull I'm quite familiar with, and if you follow the PBR, you probably are as well.  Millie would be the female bovine equivalent of Asteroid - if someone were to get on her back in a bucking chute, they too would be lucky to walk away 3 or 4 seconds later after picking themselves up off the ground.  Millie's kids quite literally hit the ground running.  Today, fellow cattlewoman Sharon came over to look at the bull boys and see the first arrival of our season Alfie.  Her, Ho Dog and I ran the puttputt around admiring the boys for about 45 minutes and talking cows.  On the way back to the house, we stopped by to see Alfie and I remarked that Millie was due any time now.  Sharon has been in the cattle biz a LOT longer than I have by a mile, and she looked at Millie and said sure, probably a few days or so.  But I know better.  Millie is the mistress of misdirection.  I saw her switch her tail a few times more than normal, and I knew.  Sharon headed back to her ranch, and 30 minutes later when I went out to feed the boys, right in the exact spot she'd been when we had just seen her, a small black calf wobbled to his feet and headed for the faucets.  Classic Millie.  Dale got back home and we deployed the just hours before revamped weigh sling and got the little bugger's weight while he wiggled and Millie mooed anxiously.  You don't work with Millie's calf solo, not unless you have a good health plan.  Not necessarily a mean cow, she's a great momma cow and very protective of her little ones.  I pity the predator who thinks it can mess with one of her calves.

By the time we got out to weigh him, the little guy was zipping around mom in circles, with the occasional side trip to see his 'older' half brother Alf and try to get him to get up and chase him.  Alf had a full stomach and was sleeping peacefully, trying to ignore the bovine gas molecule pinging around him.  I have a feeling these two are gonna have a lot of fun together

15 minutes old

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