Friday, February 1, 2013

Stick a Pin in Her, She's Done

My best ewe, Twyla, gave us a nice set of twins Wednesday night.  Like almost everyone, she waited until it was good and dark and cold to pop out Gene and Ginger in short order and without much ado.  Ginger was first to make an appearance (black ewe lamb) and was up and nursing within a few minutes, until mom went down to bring Gene into the world (white ram lamb).  Following the dance theme (Twyla is named after Twyla Tharp), I went with Gene and Ginger.  I know, it should have been Fred and Ginger but I didn't see the little guy as a Fred.  Besides, it's the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot and anyone remember a really great movie called 'Singin' in the Rain'?

It doesn't show so much here, but that is one puffy ewe.  Patty (white with black bullseye butt) will be lambing on Friday
Gene (white) and Ginger (black).  I posted this shot specifically because in the background is Aprille with her two outriggers, Rowdy and Reba.  Yes, Rowdy pulled thru and Aprille's milk came down AND she did decide that since the little morsel was going to live anyway, might as well claim him.  He's a scrappy little guy, Rowdy is

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  1. Good to see both of Aprille's lambs at the milk bar.