Monday, February 18, 2013

My Three Sons

It was a big morning this morning.  In the brisk 34 degree temps under pretty cloudy skies, I went to work sorting and moving cows.  First, young Zazu needed to get back out with the big girls so she could learn how to be a girlie cow instead of a tomcow.  That meant that it was also time for Roar to leave the ladies and join his three sons out in the south pasture with Pony and Pepperpot the goat.  So, first I got Roar isolated in the feederbunks to contain him.  Then, it was on to penning up the sheep in the barn to keep them out of the way and also from going out the open gate into the north pasture.  Next, Miss Zazu thoughtfully walked out of her side of the feederbunks out into the maternity pasture all by herself, which made it easy to shut the gate and pen the little boys in.  Then, I walked Zazu up to the gate and out into the north pasture without much of a fuss.  Shut that gate, go and open the gate into the maternity pasture from Roar's side of the feederbunks (you simply can't have too many gates on a working ranch), enticed him out with a bucket of grain, opened the gate for his sons on their side of the feederbunks into the maternity pasture, and off we went down to the working arena and from there, out into the south pasture with Pony and Pepperpot the goat, where Roar got reaquainted with his boys and Pepperpot tried to show Zam who the boss was (and silly bull calf, he was buying into her bluff).  After the expected fussing and bellowing and chasing around from everybody, the boys wandered down the pasture to snack and poor little Zazu wandered the centre fenceline, crying for her boys to come back to her.  It's like weaning all over again.  Zazu's momma Sapphire, a few weeks from calving, could have cared less that her daughter was back with her.  Oh so typical of the mother-daughter relationship

Zinger poses a bit oddly but at least I had a decent, not busy background for a change

Daddy Roar, studiously ignoring his boys now that all the horseplay was over and it was time to eat

Zinger and Daddy Roar
Roar and Zinger, who is about to get into trouble...

...and for good reason

Zamora, Zinger, Roar and Zenda, four butts on parade against a dramatic sky and the lone Legacy Oregon White Oak tree

Baby Zenda shows off his major chunky butt.  He's the spittin' image of his ol' man Roar

Roar and son Zamora

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  1. Gosh, you had a busy day, and they all look like Roar!