Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let the Calving Begin!

I really need to have a talk with LeeLu again about the Ranch Rules of Calving.  NO calving after dark, in the rain/snow/sleet/wind/frost or before your due date.  She broke all three rules last night.  It was dark (8 pm), it was COLD, and she's not due until Thursday.  But, all's well with her new son Alfie.  Zamora has a baby brother, and a fine young bull calf he is.  Morgan Rivers Alfa is his 'official' name, 83# is his official birth weight, and Millie for some reason seems to think he belongs to her.  She's lookin' mighty close too, doing some tail switching this afternoon, but she also seems to think that Alfie belongs to her, which doesn't make LeeLu very happy.  Once Millie calves her own, she'll forget all about him.  I hope.

At least after the 27 degree start to the day (with a heavy frost, first one in ages), the sun came out and it rocketed up to 50 by 3 pm.  So Alfie got to start his first day of life in a way most late winter calves rarely get to, with a big dose of sunshine

12 hours old with momma LeeLu

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