Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Lamb

Patty was the perfect ewe in that she had her little girl Winnie around noonish, in the gentle sunshine and relative warmth of the day.  I was wondering about Scooby the Holstein steer - did I really get them both when I banded him or did he somehow have a little tryst with Patty, because that little girl sure looks an awful lot like a baby Holstein.

And with her arrival, we are done lambing for the season, possibly the second shortest lambing season for us ever.  Next come the calves, starting at the end of the month!

Newly arrived

Just a few minutes later, the first attempt to stand.  Look at that face!!

Almost, almost....

Yep, made it!

If that ain't cute, you ain't breathin'

With her half bro Rango, another Holstein looking lamb

Love the flank spot!

Proud momma Patty

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