Sunday, February 10, 2013

Goodbye, Lambies

On Friday, Marcos called to let me know he'd be here today to pick up most of the sheep.  I figured I'd better go get one last shot before that happened, and on Friday the sun arrived for a brief but much appreciated welcome.  Which of course meant that with all that wonderful sunshine out there, the sheep choose to remain in the shade.  Must be a bit afraid of that light blue sky and the warm sunshine, seeing as how none of the lambs had actually experienced that sort of stuff before.  But, Marcos just left with Patty and her daughter Winnie and Aprille and her twins Rowdy and Reba.  In April he'll be back for Gillian and her daughter Racie - I'm keeping her son Rango, the black and white spotted ram lamb - and also Twyla's son Gene, who will become his herdsire.  It's pretty neat that he's starting up his own herd of Katahdadorpadoviots using our stock.

With that, we are looking forward to getting our new girls home in late March.  Dove and McKay are from Mickey C's Dot Ranch Navajo-Churro herd over in Scio ( and they will be the beginnings of our own little herd of spinning sheep for my fibre lovin' pals all over.  If you've ever admired a good Navajo rug, I can guarantee you that it was woven from Navajo-Churro fleece.  Her website is extremely informative and well worth a visit.  If you remember, we also picked up our new hens from her a few weeks ago.

On the cow side, they are gettin' mighty puffy out there.  I hope that LeeLu crosses her legs and waits until she's supposed to pop because she sure looks awful close up for a cow not due until the end of the month.  And this time, I can't be that far off because I do know when Roar got his women back

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