Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Chicks on the Block

The Gangsta Girls are getting up there, and egg production is starting to drop off, so it was time for some up and coming youngsters to join the flock.  My pal Mickey over at Dot Ranch in Scio is a breed conservationist for both poultry and sheep, and some of the endangered chickens she breeds are Java, Cuckoo Maran and crosses between the two, called Javarans.  Since I am getting two lovely Navajo-Churro ewe lambs from her in April, I figured that getting 4 new Javaran hens and 1 Maran-Americauna cross hen would work out beautifully, so yesterday afternoon I popped over and picked up the new chicks.  They are not allowed out with the big girls yet until they've settled in, but they have the chicken tractor inside the big, secure coop to roam around in and figure out where they are.

The barn cats better watch out - this gang of five won't take anything off of them!

First night in their new home

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