Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice Sculptures 2013

It's been quite awhile since I've posted something to the phlog.  First, there was the camera issue (resolved with a brand new Canon S110), then the phlog wouldn't let me post pictures for a long time, then there was that whole icy fog thing for the past 15 days.  It all started on the new year, where we started the day at 29 degrees.  I was feeling kinda sorry for myself, then I saw that my mom and little bro Jim back in Fond du Lac Wisconsin started the new year at -12, as in 12 degrees below zero, and then I didn't feel so bad.  This inversion we've had is usually something we see in November when we do see it; and it usually doesn't last this long.  It's been interesting.  I have to keep a hose in the heated greenhouse so that I can fill the stock tanks after I break the ice on them, then drag the hose back into the greenhouse.  It hasn't been even 30 for so long that the two times it was (30 and 31 degrees), it was only for a few minutes then right back into the 20's again.  But, it's finally breaking up today, with a little rain and snow mix, and the clouds now have actual texture to them. 

But, it's also been a photographer's paradise with all the possibilities surrounding us in the form of icy objects.  Having the new camera just in time for everything to start thawing was a little sad, but the old Nikon did get a few good shots (the first four).

So, enjoy the show!

The water feature was just a plethora of photo ops.  However, my skills aren't as good as the subject matter and very few came out the way I'd hoped

Two ice blobs that I really thought were pretty cool looking

One of the glass floats turned into a weird snail-like creature

The lizards on top of the water feature rock made excellent and interesting subjects encased in ice

I tried this shot several times and was never really happy with it.  The trees are all frosted in silver and it just looked so dramatic against the misty skies.  It was way better in real life, if you could stand the cold out there
January 2nd, the real cold (for us) started, and it ended today, altho the foggy stuff took a few days to get going

And when you have this kind of weather and there's no room in the fridge for your fresh (not frozen, yet) take and bake pizza, you have other options.  Like the table on the deck.  The only bad thing was that I had to defrost it in the house before baking

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