Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First and Unexpected Arrivals

Yeah.  Me, who can't remember a darn thing and has to write EVERYTHING down on the calendar, somehow forgot to write down when I put Ricky Bobby back in with his girls last summer.  I was thinking it was late September, however on January 11th, I figured out it had to have been early August.  Gillian decided to go ahead and have a set of twins, Rango (black and white spotted ram) and Racie (black with TGH topknot ewe).  Gilly has always been a great mom, having twins her first time last year also.  It was a complete and utter surprise when it happened.  I had actually sold most of my sheep to Marcos up in Philomath, including Gillian, as I'm making a change over to fibre sheep and just bought two gorgeous Navajo-Churro ewe lambs from Mickey in Scio.  He was supposed to pick them up that day so we had put all of them in the working arena where we sort and load from.  Turned out he couldn't make it that day, but I didn't get them turned back out to the south pasture, which was pure, dumb luck.  We went out to run some errands and got back at feeding time.  Remember too, it was in the 20's during this time, even at midday.  I went out to feed and Dale said he'd go out to the south pasture to feed Pony and Pepper the goat and I told him to go ahead and cut the sheep out of the working arena into the south pasture and feed them too.  He and Ho Dog got into the puttputt and headed around the barn to the south pasture and I started to go feed the cows.  Then I heard the puttputt coming back towards the barn and thought no way, he couldn't possibly have gone out and done all that already, so I went out of the barn (leaving a bunch of unhappy, hungry cows mooing indignently at me) to see what was going on.  He was yelling 'TWINS', but I had checked on Twyla, who I thought was awful close for not being technically due until the end of February and she was fine, but just behind her, Gillian was in the working arena with her newborn twins!  I didn't look past her or I would have seen them.  We got the rest of the sheep out into the south pasture, which will end up being a really dumb move, but more on that later, and got Gillian and her babies out into the maternity pasture, where I tucked a lamb under each arm and headed for the barn with one very unhappy momma ewe running circles around me.  Got them settled in the barn for the night, and that's when I found the iodine frozen solid in the bottle.  Dale took the bottle up to the shop to thaw it in front of the heater, and while he was doing that, it dawned on me - if Gilly lambed, that meant that the other two older ewes that I just put back out into the south pasture couldn't be far behind.  The yearling ewes were okay as I know when I put them back in with RB, but I had to get those other two back into the maternity pasture ASAP.  Back out to the south pasture and after a bit of a rodeo, we managed to get those two ewes into the maternity pasture and all was well.  They joined Twyla and her sister Flossie, whom I am keeping, and we are awaiting the new arrivals any time now.

Rango will be staying here.  I like his mom a lot and he's a really nice looking and nicely built ram, just what I've been waiting for.  Racie will go home with momma Gillian to Marcos' ranch and join her other siblings in her new herd in April after we wean.

Now that the weather has warmed up, I told the rest of the puffy ewes that they can now commence lambing.  Not a fan of lambing in icy, foggy weather, even in a barn.  And tired of carrying the iodine bottle out with me every morning too!

About two hours old

One week

So who knew that I had gaited sheep?

Racie (front), Rango and momma Gillian

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