Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And They Just Keep Coming

It was a bit of a day yesterday.  Got Sybil down to see Dr. Ryan in Veneta for her OFA's and got back in time to see my oldest ewe Flossie's newborn son take his first shaky steps.  Got her up to the barn, did the usual stuff with young Winston, and later that night, Aprille had her second lambing, a set of twins.  And, it was not good.  For some reason, she's not letting her milk down and when I got to Rowdy the ram lamb, he was almost gone.  Sister Reba seemed to have gotten some, but for some reason Aprille rejected Rowdy.  Dale flipped Aprille over and I tried to get some milk from an obviously full udder, but not much was coming.  The semi-good news was that what I was able to get was pure milk, so someone got the critical colostrum, probably Reba.  I fixed Rowdy a bottle of powdered colostrum and managed to get a bit down him, something of a good sign, but his mouth was ice cold and he was clearly dehydrated and in distress.  About 30 minutes later, I went out expecting to be digging a small hole, but he was still with us and a bit more alert.  This time, he sucked a good 6 oz bottle of colostrum dry in record time and started yelling for mom.  Mom wasn't interested, however, so it looks like I've got my first bummer lamb.  At least he's good and solid with the bottle.

Two more left, Patty and my best ewe Twyla, and expect to find twins from Twyla in the next day or so, or if she waits, she's having quads at the very least!

Reba tries for some chow from mom Aprille

Reba, hours old

Rowdy takes a third bottle down

Rowdy at a few hours old, shortly after getting a tiny bit of the bottle.  This lamb is clearly in trouble here.  Mom hasn't even done much of a job cleaning him
Good ol' Flossie poses with day old Winston

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