Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Phlog in Review - July

There was so much going on in July, I gave it it's own post.  We had a record number of guests at one time - 12 people!  2 RVs (Mimi and family from Germany and little bro Stan from Santa Maria California) and little bro Jim and Vonnie and the boys from Fond du Lac Wisconsin stayed in the guest room.  Three days after everyone left, Cricket whelped her second and last litter of 7 perfectly wonderful pups.  And, our last calf of the season arrived as well.  Plus, we put up hay, started seriously harvesting the garden bounty and in general, do a lot of sightseeing with everyone and enjoying the company

Wait - is that Shelly, with Shae tucked under her knees, all bundled up on the couch in JULY???  Yep, must be that SoCal blood that expects it to be 120 degrees in July instead of 55
Dale inspects the first cut of the 2012 hay.  Not a good year this year - excellent quality hay, but not much of it.  2 years ago we got almost 40 tonnes off this hay pasture, this year barely 12.  We didn't want another major tonnage to deal with so we didn't fertilize like we did in 2012.  Won't make that mistake again
Dale rebuilt the puppy pen for the expectant parents, Hoke and Cricket the blimp lounging on the deck
Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here!  At the Hull-Oakes Sawmill tour, a private tour given by none other than Don Oakes himself, second from left next to Matthias from Germany.  My little bros Jim (kinda looks like Santa on vacation) and Stan on the right
Speaking of little bro Stan.....
Family portrait, Ho Dog included.  Back row - Spencer (Stan's son), Jim and Stan
Swing - me, sis-in-laws Vonnie (Jim) and Steph (Stan)
In the dirt - Vonnie's sons Christopher and Calvin
If there are pups, it must be the 16th!  Hours old
A cool shot of the flag during a summer storm
Gypsy at a week - you knew there had to be a puppy mug shot in here somewhere
The garden
The first two harvested 'Black Krim' grafted tomatoes
Our final calf of the 2012 season, Ruffie with Roar son Zenda

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