Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Phlog in Review - Jan to June

Since it's the first day of the new year, thought I'd thumb thru some pix and events of 2012 that were of interest, at least to me.  Only thought I'd take one pix from each month, but boy, you know me and cameras - that wasn't even gonna happen, so I decided to split the year in two.  Enjoy!

January 2012
Sybil poses in a big snow in the south pasture

3 days later, the snow turned into 5" of rain in one day with the result being near record flooding all over the Willamette Valley

Flew back to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, for a visit with little bro Jim and mom.  This is how they treat winter back there - any opportunity for a barbeque and it's ON, baby

Little bro Stan from Santa Maria, California, also flew out to visit.  He, of course, is used to year-round barely 70 degree temperatures with little change, thus found himself frozen while walking to mom's house from Jim's
And, at the end of February, we welcomed the first of our lambs!  Aprille is the proud first time mom

And with March came the first of our calves.  LeeLu surprised us with a son, Zamora

We nearly lost Twyla, my best ewe, to milk fever.  Thus, the twins spent a little quality time in the house being bottle fed and yelling the entire time Dale was on a conference call
Lamb's a leapin' everywhere after another snow
The end of March saw our first calf loss.  Dawn got an adopted son, Scooby.  Took her awhile to cotton to him, but eventually she became a very good momma to him.  Elsie was her first calf, and it was totally our fault that we lost her

Hooray!  The master bath is almost finished!!
It's spring, therefore there must be tulips
Camera you-know-what Liza, always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong

Roar, shedding in the brief sunshine, wondering - if it's May, shouldn't he have his women back?
Romella and I took a long ride to Sprague River, near Klamath Falls, to pick up her new lambs
May flowers - and showers, for us
Ho Dog turned the big 1-2 on the 17th
Dale needed a big project in between other big projects, so he decided to cut a really big hole in the side of the big silver barn
And, to end the month, our best pals from Sandy Eggo, John and Jane, drove up for the long weekend.  Here, Dale, Jane and John enjoy wine and conversation at Pfieffer's in Junction City, one of many wineries we tasted at

We started June with a visit from our best pals from the other coast, Jim and Pam, formerly of Chicago and now living in Mass.  We had to visit Camp 18 in Elsie, Oregon - once Jim hit their website and got a good look at their world famous cinnamon rolls, there was no way we weren't going there
Roar and Misty pose ever so dramatically against the lovely June skies
If it's June, there must be roses.  Lyda Rose didn't disappoint, as usual
My best pal Shelly from Encinitas came up for her yearly visit to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eungene.  And also to taste wine.  And get a cancerous growth from her Jazzee daughter Shae's eye removed by the wonderful Dr. Sarah in Corvallis.  And THEN come back a few months later to pick up a rowdy red tri pup named Rowyn.  Did I mention she's my best pal?
While she was here, she got to do something 99.99% of all city folk will never do.  She moved a very uncooperative Vicky Cristina into the feederbunks so I could give her a boost to get her to calve on time (she was a first timer, but sadly her black son was stillborn, our second calf lost this year).  She did this with only verbal help from me, learning to watch Vicky's ears to see where she was looking and anticipate any moves by Vicky to go somewhere else.  It took some time and a lot of patience, but in the end, Shelly triumphed.  And she never spilled a drop of her coffee either

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