Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Phlog in Review - August to Dec


Sybil, our adorable dork, turns 2 years old and gets her learners permit for the putt-putt
The first of the corn is harvested and promptly gobbled
If it's August, it's Scandifest in Junction City
The pups turn one month old, are outside in the puppy palace and noshing on solid food.  For which Cricket was ever so thankful for
Tim and his son Jack visited from Las Vegas.  This was the moment for him with Sweep.  He will eventually put her on a plane with him for Las Vegas

In early September, Don and his sons hauled 3 boats and a bunch of people to the coast and came home with more crab than you could count (unless you were an ODFW officer).  Up at the homestead they had their annual crab feast.  Ho Dog tries to get in on a game of bean bag toss
And there is that woman again!  Katrina and Shelly at Pfieffer's vineyard.  Both were here to pick up their pups and as much wine as Shelly could stuff in her truck for the trip back to Sandy Eggo
Time to roast some tomatoes!
The last puppy heads home.  Tim with Sweep and family - great uncle Ho Dog, big sis Sybil, momma Cricket and daddy Hoke.  The nest is now empty

We harvested our first honey
And, after a record-breaking dry spell, the rains return with a vengence
We made our annual visit to Crater Lake.  Dale with Ho Dog, Wizard Island in the background
And the sheep start growing their own while the trees blaze in the background

A spectacular sunrise
If it's November, it must be Christmas tree harvest season
First day below freezing.  There will be more

The poo flinger display
The wild storm the night of the 17th destroyed my little greenhouse
And was followed a few days later by the first real snow of the season
On the 23rd, we marked one year ago that we lost Gizmo to the owl.  Cow pal Bonnie from Roseburg found this wine from Cherry Hill vineyards up near Dallas and I swear they stole that picture from me of a baby Gizmo (it's not, it's their own Papillon)

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