Saturday, December 15, 2012

Scenes of the Season

I'm wililng to bet not too many people have a poo flinger that is pulled by two reindeer.  It's really become quite fun to 'dress' the poo flinger for the season/holiday and many people comment they drive by just to see it.  We also strung the LED lights on the north pasture fence, from Dawson Road all the way around to the garage/shop.  I couldn't get the entire thing in one shot as the house is in the way, but it sure look really cool at night from either direction.

And I think there may be a snow shot of the poo flinger display coming soon.  It was snowing heavily this morning, but at 34 degrees and sopping wet, just not sticking.  That could change, but we never hold our breath about it.  6 years here and we have yet to have a White Christmas, altho two years out of the six we've been oh so close

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