Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scenes of the Season, with Frosting on Top

A blizzard it wasn't, but it did actually snow a bit last night.  Matter of fact, at 3:15 pm, it's STILL snowing.  It's alternating, big ol' snow showers with sunshine and blue skies.  The new snow isn't sticking much, it's a bit warm, altho it seems to be sticking to the old snow pretty good.  We're still in for more tonite, and it looks like we might just get it.  The first real snow of the season is always so breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful and hushed - that is, until the big blob of melting snow slipping off the limb of a big Doug fir wallops you on your bare head while on the morning packwalk....

Thru the kitchen window, first thing this morn

Maternity gate pasture

The old red barn, in the snow with the big snow covered Dougs behind it, always makes for a fine picture
Baby Zenda reacts to his first snow ever.  Daddy Roar is in the background, wishing I was spending less time taking pictures of his darling baby boy and more time filling his stomach with breakfast

It's always a treat to shoot the snowman table with a snowy background

Not fog - heavy snow coming down in the north pasture

You know me, always gotta try for the artsy shot
Jose's Christmas tree field on Herb's place, on the morning packwalk

Awesome snow clouds over the big silver barn, sliding door now repaired and fully functional again

The garden sleeps under a nice blanket

Jody's Fjords in their natural habitat
Love the sun in this shot looking south

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  1. Brrrr. Today it was so cold this morning I could see my breath... I guess that doesn't really count, does it.
    now if you could just figure out a way to use colored lights to uplight those tree branches in the arty shot...