Monday, December 17, 2012

Riders of the Storm

The first part of a strong series of storms, the strongest of the season thus far, went thru the ranch like a marauding Viking last night, leaving a fair amount of destruction in its wake.  The winds started howling around 5 pm, and by 7 pm we knew we were in trouble.  It took both of us to haul down the flag, as the pole is only rated to 55mph wind loads and we were told to expect 70mph gusts.  The worst we saw was 45mph, but that was enough to turn the greenhouse into a pretzel, rips plenty of small limbs and branches off all the tree, nearly rip the big silver barn door off and in doing so, twist the trolley wheel rail so that it took both of us and the tractor to get the door open so Dale could fix it, and it laid poor Dexter the lead reindeer on the poo flinger on the ground.  I'm happy to say that other than the greenhouse, everything was taken care of.  The greenhouse, however, we dismantled and I spent the better part of the day transfering pots of plants into the dairy barn garage and the old red barn.  Next spring, we'll build a bigger, sturdier one that can handle whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it.  Altho, for the next two days, we are under a blizzard warning!  Imagine that.  We've had plenty of rain and snow and iceballs today and the temperature is already dropping fast, with snow forecast after midnight.  We'll see; getting snow here requires just the right mix of conditions which we don't generally see until after January, but it has happened before!

My first view of the greenhouse this morning.  I had picked up panels the previous night during the storm and this morning, panels were all the way out into the north pasture

Dexter the lead reindeer goes down

The most sensitive plants went into the dairy barn garage with Really Big Red for the winter

The hardier pots went into the old red barn

The mangled remains, sans panels.  The pepper plants, sadly, will just be sacrificial lambs, and so much for my overwintering experiement with them


  1. Wow, was it just the wind that bent those rails?

  2. Yup, the winds ripped one panel off, and that caused the door to get blown off and halfway to the dog run and after that, it was all over. That flimsy aluminum didn't take much torquing to bend like overlooked pasta. But, the goo news is that we are getting one from a local company that is fab, and one just took 113 mph winds with no problems. in Scio is the place, and he has a fully assembled 8X8 display model that we are getting after the first of the year at a super price, delivered and set up!