Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have a Heart - Donate!

This afternoon, Santa Paws, Dale and I went to make a few unwanted dogs and cats a little bit happier with our annual shelter donation.  Last year was SafeHaven; this year I chose Heartland.  Both are Corvallis shelters.

There is a responsibility that comes with being a breeder, as opposed to producing puppies and kittens randomly.  Not only do we have a duty to our breed to insure that we breed the best, healthiest examples of the Australian Shepherd possible for carefully chosen homes, but to give back to the pet community as much as we can.  The one thing we can do is donate $100 per puppy we breed to a deserving rescue or shelter locally.  It's not a lot, but if it means that a few more dogs and cats get medical care, neutering and spaying, dental care and training, then that is more than doing nothing would do for them.

If you have it within your means, we urge you to consider a donation to your own local rescue or humane society.  Food, blankets and towels, toys, grooming supplies and most importantly, time - all are appreciated greatly by those who work with the unwanted animals.  It is a hard, sometimes thankless and too often heartbreaking job the volunteers do, so anything you can do to help, please do so!

Me and Santa Paws at Heartland

They were actually closed today (Thursday), but a kindly elf let us in and Patti took care of the rest while Santa Paws got the poor kitties by the door all in a tizzy.  He could have cared less about them, he was just hoping for a treat for a job well done

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